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Side Jelq

The side jelq is an advanced, and more effective version of jelqing, the results can be phenomenal. This exercise is well rounded by increasing gains in length, girth, and hardness. When doing this exercise try to maintain an erection level of 75 – 85 percent.

Step 1: Form an OK grip and place it at the base of your penis. Start sliding your hand up to the halfway point. With your other hand, form a grip at the base of your penis to help build support.

Step 2: Curve the stretch to the side your jelqing to and continue up the shaft to the head.

Step 3: When your reach the head press the palm of your hand against the penis, this will finish the bending.

Step 4: Each rep should last 3 – 5 seconds. Repeat the above steps with your other hand.

Try to do 20 reps when doing side jelq’s.