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Penis Enlargement Understanding Vascular Remodeling

We’ve been examining the different methods where the human body can re-model itself based on stress factors the body encounters in its environment. By understanding that a mature human body is not static, from the point of view that it can physically alter itself, we can better understand how penis enlargement is possible.

One method used by the body, to innately alter its physical self, can be found in the body’s vascular system. This is very important to the man who is interested in getting a larger penis, because part of the basis of “growing” a larger penis (that’s already physically mature) is based on the vascular system.

This is because the human penis creates and maintains an erection via blood flow and blood pressure. Vascularization is the study of how arteries and the heart feed blood to different cells of the body and how this blood is taken away from these cells (after it has been deprived of its nutrients and oxygen, while at the same time disposing its waste products in the evacuating blood) by the venous (veins) system.

By encouraging (or remodeling) the penile tissues to be able to contain more blood and to withstand more blood pressure, this will inevitably increase the size of a man’s penis, in terms of long-term, tangible growth adjustments.

If we can understand how vascular remodeling applies to other parts of the body (and its organs/associated tissues) we can therefore better understand how the same mechanism can work with the penile organ.

A great example of vascular remodeling can be found in the human heart. The heart, of course, pumps blood to all of the body’s tissues and components. However, the heart also needs this precious blood (itself) to function properly. The blood supply that actually feeds the heart is via the coronary arteries. It is these arteries that bring blood to the heart, for the heart.

When these arteries (to the heart) get “clogged” we have the makings of a potential “heart attack.” When these arteries get occluded (cut off) then the heart is not able to get the proper amount of blood it needs. The heart becomes compromised. This situation gets worse the more a person gets their heart rate pumping (increased cardiac stress). Either through mental stress or physical activity (stress). For the more frequently the heart beats, and the stronger it beats, the more and more blood it requires to feed the heart (itself). So, when a person has compromised coronary arteries, under normal circumstance (normal heart rate) this may not be a problem for them. However, when the heart has to beat harder, there is not enough blood to feed the heart. The outcome is a heart attack, simply because these occluded arteries prohibit the heart from getting its needed amount of blood for the stress levels it encountered at that particular time.

When the body realizes that these coronary arteries are becoming occluded, what happens? The body actually starts to create and lay down new arterial networks to take the place of the compromised blood flow in the coronary arteries. So, if this remodeling is happening, and a person doesn’t stress themselves too much, the body may have time to create new blood channels to the heart to ensure that the heart gets the proper amount of blood it needs (or if it is so required at a future date).

This is why people who may have compromised coronary arteries need be careful in doing too much excessive physical activity and cut out the stress/anxiety in their lives. One should very gradually start exercising to get in better shape. If all of this is done properly, they can put off having a heart attack and can lead normal physical lives again. The other option is to have heart surgery.

By understanding how the body is “smart” enough to create additional methods of vascularization to the heart sheds a lot of light on the potential for penis enlargement via penis exercises. For, when the heart is stressed by compromised blood flow, the body will make amends to create new pathways to get blood to the heart. The same holds true for the man who wants to increase blood capacity/pressure to his penis. By simply stressing the penis via “milking” exercises, the penile tissues, that are put under this stress (force), will compensate for it by allowing more blood volume and pressure to fill the penis. The end result is that the penis grows bigger.