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Edging is considered to be one of the most fun exercises for penis enlargement. It also happens to be one of the most effective in building stamina, improving hardness, and increasing penis length and girth. Everyone should work edging into their workout routines if possible.

The basics of edging is masturbating without ejaculating. To last longer, stop just before ejaculating and wait for the urge to go away. By doing this, you will be training your brain to gain complete control over your body. This makes you last longer, and helps to cure premature ejaculation.

Edging is meant to be done in combination with penis enlargement exercises. By using this combination, edging will boost gains and promote growth. For the best results, it should be done either at the end of your workout or as a maintenance exercise on off days. Make sure you have privacy and will be distraction free. This is important because the best sessions last twenty minutes or more.

Step 1: Get an erection.

Step 2: Apply some lubricant to your penis, you can never use too much. Choose a good lubrication to use (baby oil, Essential Vein Oil, or a penis lubricant designed for exercises). Be sure to avoid any lubricants that dry to fast.

Step 3: In an up and down motion start stroking the base of your penis. Unless you have complete control avoid the frenulum and head. These are the areas most likely to make you ejaculate. The key to edging is learning how to be in complete control; this will come with practice.

Step 4: If you feel the urge to ejaculate, slow down the strokes to a manageable speed. It also helps to stroke farther down the base until the urge goes away.

Step 5: If you can not get the urge to go away then stop altogether. Wait until the feeling totally leaves before starting again.

Don’t worry if you happen to ejaculate it is part of the learning process. Next time you will have a better idea of your limits and be more prepared. Dry orgasms are possible after a few months of edging. This will only come with practice, as you know your body better you can get closer to the point of ejaculation. So close that you will be able to have the orgasm and stop before ejaculating.