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Ballooning is an incredibly effective exercise to do at the end of your penile workouts. Many men use ballooning as a maintenance exercise for off days. Edging is another exercise that is remarkably similar to ballooning. Both help improve the penis in three major ways: longer and wider size, lasting longer, and improving hardness. They both also involve masturbating and stopping right before ejaculation. However, edging involves stroking the penis up and down, while ballooning is more of a rubbing technique. The technique can take some time and patience to master, but it is well worth it. Between edging and Ballooning, the latter is better for a couple of reasons. It involves being more erect and staying harder for a longer amount of time. Here, is one key negative, when ending your ballooning session ejaculate is not allowed. By not ejaculating, the penis will temporarily get longer and thicker the next day. It also makes someone incredibly horny the day after.

Just by having an erection the penis muscles expand, so does the tunica and skeletal muscles around the base. Although this does not feel like much, the expansion of tissue improves both size and health. The thing most people can not get their heads around is that Ballooning helps with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. At first thought, it seems as if Ballooning would do the opposite since it restricts ejaculation from happening. However, your brain is learning to feel comfortable with sexual pleasure without actually releasing . That is the reason ballooning helps with premature ejaculation. As for Ballooning curing erectile dysfunction, this is accomplished by reinforcing healthier and harder penis overtime.

The main result ballooning will have is penis enlargement. It will mainly help by supplementing the gains made, it also pushes your sex muscle to the max when at the most erect size.

Step 1: Start by making your penis hard. This must be done in a specific way. Only rub the sides and top of the shaft, and top of the head. When first starting with this exercise do not to rub the underside of the head as this may cause ejaculation. As you get accustomed to this exercise try experiments with rubbing the bottom of the head since this can intensify the workout, just do over do it.

Step 2: Continue rubbing in a circular motion, this should cause your penis to get extremely erect.

Step 3: Start doing Kegels to force more blood into the penis. Expanding your penis to its max size will give your tissues a greater workout.

Step 4: Continue this for at least twenty minutes, if possible try to do more. Some can balloon for hours this comes with experience and practice. The longer your balloon session last the better the results will be.