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The V-jelq is a modified version of jelq’s, however, instead of exercising the top and bottom of the penile muscle they work the sides. Start by sitting in a chair and applying a lot of lubricant, the ideal erection level during this exercise is 50% erect.

Step 1: Form a Star Trek sign with your hand (“V” with the split between your middle and ring finder). Step 2: Move the same hand underneath your penis so that the center of the “V” is holding your penis straight up. At this point, your fingers should be pointing towards your abs. Tighten the V around the base of your penis and curl your fingers up so they are pointing at the ceiling. Step 3: Move your hand up the base when it reaches the head of the penis let go. Step 4 : With your other hand repeat steps 1 – 3 When letting go with your hand, your other hand should simitaniusly be in the starting position.

v-jelq example 1

v-jelq Example 2