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Using Vitamin D Cremes To Increase Penis Feeling

Most men and women know that they should have a balanced diet, one that is rich in vitamins and minerals, but many don’t know why this is important, and what will happen to their bodies if they don’t get sufficient vitamins and minerals. One such vitamin is vitamin D. Most people have no idea what this vitamin does, and yet, it is vital to the function of every cell within the human body. Plus, it regulates sleep and keeps bones strong and aids in the development of a resilient immune system, as well as reduces inflammation.

What is Vitamin D?

Simply put, vitamin D is a fat-soluble secosteriod that has a similar molecule structure to steroids. Steroids that are naturally produced by the human body are dietary fat cholesterol and testosterone, the male sex hormone. In this capacity, vitamin D can mimic a hormone as it is biologically reactive and acts as a catalyst to promote healthy cell activity in major organs such as the liver, kidneys, prostrate and scrotum.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the skin of the human body when in sunlight. It can also be found in some foods such as fish (salmon, mackerel, and catfish), fortified soy products (tofu, and soy milk), fortified orange juice, skim milk with added vitamin D, vitamin D fortified cereals (Quaker products), and mushrooms and potatoes.

Individuals who are vitamin D deficient often have brittle bones, are susceptible to colds and other illnesses, and have problems sleeping. In addition, it is believed that a low vitamin D count in men can cause erectile dysfunction, a reduction in sperm numbers, and hinder sexual drive as testosterone levels are usually extremely low.

Vitamin D – How it Can Benefit Penis Feeling

Vitamin D has many benefits, some, of which, increase penis feeling. This is because there are many vitamin D receptive cells within the human body. These can be found in the skin, including the erogenous skin of the penis, and within many major organs, including the male reproductive system.

Overall, vitamin D has the following benefits:

It improves the resilience and feeling in the skin of the penis as the skin cells are healthy and more reactive to touch and other stimulus; It increases sex drive and stamina, which, in turn improves sexual pleasure; It decreases impotency and erectile dysfunction as the male reproductive system is regulated and maintained; It promotes stronger bones and a healthy immune system, which create greater resilience and deliver more energy and endurance. This, in turn, improves sexual pleasure as men are able to sustain sexual activity for longer and satisfy their partner during intercourse. It creates an overall feeling of wellness and generally improves all health aspects within a man’s life as the liver, kidneys and other major organs are able to function correctly.

Improve Sexual Pleasure, Use Vitamin D

Male sexual organs and genital tissue are known to have many vitamin D receptors within them. It is therefore believed that the regular use of vitamin D will improve sexual pleasure and increase penis feeling. This is attributed to the fact that the cells within these organs and tissues are stimulated and they will then function at optimal levels of performance.

For Best Results Use Vitamin D in Creme Form

A creme form of vitamin D is easily absorbed by the skin and into the blood stream. Plus, it is able to be applied directly to a specific area. Therefore, a creme delivers benefits faster than a pill or capsule and it can target skin cells that are in need, such as the penis. This means that the skin cells and capillaries in the penis receive a higher dosage of vitamin D, which they are able to utilize immediately. This, in turn, keeps the penis in optimal condition and can improve penis feeling and increase sexual pleasure.