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Traction Wrapping

Traction wrapping is done at the end of your penis enlargement workouts. The exercise helps promote growth by keeping your penis in an extended state for the maximum amount of time possible. The idea behind traction wrapping is that by applying a situation long enough, the body must compensate. In this example, the compensation is enlarging the penile tissues.

Traction wrapping is comfortable to do and can even be done under clothing. However, the process does not apply sufficient force to produce any growth by its self. It is, however, perfect for keeping the muscle and tissue elongated after your workout.

In order to perform traction wrapping, you will need a self-adhesive sports bandage. In general you pay for what you get, so the more expensive sports bandage tend to have a better adhesive that will last longer. See which ones work best for you. Roll out and cut 18″ off the self-adhesive sports bandage. When you start this exercise, your penis should not be erect.

Step 1: With one hand grab the head of your penis and stretch it out as far as possible.

Step 2: With one end of the wrap place the outermost edge behind the head. Hold it in place.

Step 3: Wrap 2 or 3 turns just behind the head and work your way up the shaft. Continue up the shaft as far as possible, and secure the loose end. Hold for as long as you can, at no point should it become painful.