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Towel Raises To Strengthen Your Erection and Gain Control Over Orgasm

As I’m sure you already know men and women worldwide obsess about penis size. Whether someone is telling a joke at someone’s expense, a discussion takes place on TV or magazine and newspaper articles print out problem pages from desperate and embarrassed men looking for some sort of solution. The point I am trying to make is throughout the world we are in constant debate in regards to penis size. So are there genuine successful solutions that men can use to change their penis size? Also what do women really want in regards to penis size? Do they really want a bigger penis, what everyone seems to claim? As a woman I can officially answer these sorts of burning questions for you today, so let’s get started.

Majority of women do love the bigger penis, for the obvious reason of pleasure a big penis can give. But there are also other very important qualities that a penis must have, and these have nothing to do with size. Firstly a woman needs her man’s penis to be powerful and strong and second the penis must have lasting power. Power and strength can be determined through the penis hardness, angle and general appearance when erected. A good healthy erected penis would look meaty, rock hard and full of strength. A weaker erection would be droopy and pretty soft. Lasting power also plays a large role during intercourse. The ability to use a rock hard penis for a long duration without ejaculating is certainly a need for most women.

Any man can learn how to increase his penis power, strength, weight and angle of erection. By using simple penis exercises which are performed daily for 10-20 minutes and only for a few months you can obtain unbelievable results with permanent gains. There are many exercises that can provide you with a rock hard penis and one of these exercises is called ‘towel hanging’. It is very easy to perform and has a high rate of success.

  1. Massage your penis until you are 100% fully erect.
  2. Get a flannel or wash cloth and put it near the base of your penis.
  3. Now tense your penis so the towel bobs and you are lifting the towel a little bit. Hold for 1-2 seconds then release. You have now just completed one repetition.
  4. Try to do 25 if possible. If you can’t do more than that stop and continue in two days’ time. Try to complete the 25 repetitions every other day for the next 3-4 weeks. Please remember it is very important to leave at least a day in between the 25 reps, so your penis can adjust and get used to the new exercise regime. If you rush and overdo it, you put yourself at risk of injury.

After the 2-3 weeks you will start to notice you penis getting that ‘rock hard’ effect when you’re erected and your penis should feel noticeable heavier. These exercises can even add inches to your penis because of the increased blood flow to the penis. This exercise also strengthens the PC muscle, which is the muscle reasonable for ejaculation control. By strengthen this muscle you will increase the ability to hold back longer before ejaculating during intercourse and masturbation. Also expect to have an increase in self-confidence which will naturally change the way you interact with lovers or partners. Bigger is definitely more satisfaction and by using this exercises you will be receiving a 1 but receive 3 deal. You use one exercise but receive the benefits of 3. A larger penis, being able to hold on longer and a great increase in penis strength.