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Techniques to Make Your Penis Appear Bigger

The size of the most precious organ, the penis, has always been a matter of concern for most men. No matter what a woman says about the size of the penis to comfort a man’s ego, adding a few inches has the potential to definitely increase a person’s net sex life. But before you look for ways to enlarge your penis, there are a number of ways you can make your penis look bigger right away. Though these quick fixes do not increase anything physically to your tool, they help in making them look bigger in uncomfortable situations.

A light tug : will usually increase the size of your flaccid tool within a fraction of seconds. The penis is one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the body, so avoid pulling the head of your member too hard.

Head-on view : Most men tend to look at their package straight down, which does not give a proper idea of actually how big it is. In order to see the actual size, you need to look at yourself sideways in a mirror. It may be surprising for most men to find that they are bigger than they think. Trim your pubic hair: Long pubic hairs can cover up to an inch or more of your member. Cutting down or trimming your pubic hairs can make your package more visible, therefore making it appear bigger than before.

Think of sexual thoughts : When you think about stimulating thoughts your mind encourages the nerves and smooth muscles around pelvis to control the flow of the blood towards your tool. This produces a firm and stronger erection and hence an increase in the size. Quit smoking: Smoking can hinder the free flow of blood in the body. As we know, during an erection, your tool becomes engorged with blood to enlarge it. But with limited blood circulation, you can experience shortening of the penis by as much as a centimeter.

Discrete penis enlargement Most men do not want to disclose or discuss their penile enhancement issues with anyone. They think it could make others realize their sexual limitations and make others laugh at them. As a result, they are always on lookout for ways that are not only safe and effective, but discreet also. One such method is using a penile enlargement device. People, who purchase these devices, are always concerned about other people knowing about it. But the fact is that most authentic websites allow these devices in discreet ways to avoid such conditions. Moreover, these devices can be worn under clothing without any discomfort. Similarly, natural penis enlargement pills are another way of adding a few inches to your tool in a discreet manner.