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Steps On How To Naturally Enlarge Your Size

The average size of the male penis has been a topic that is regularly argued and debated about all over the world due to the fact that it affects so many people. All men dread having a small penis because of the risks of embarrassment, harassment and having to be cautious throughout everyday simple life situations. For women a small penis means limits on her sexual pleasure and also the possible of embarrassment. The official size of a man penis is discussed by millions and it is clear to say that a small penis is bad and a big penis is good. Everyone seems to agree to that, but no known can ever agree on an exact size. Well I will tell you what the average size is, which has been proven regardless of race, age, height or size of feet and hands. The average size is roughly 5 ½ inches when erected and the average flaccid penis is 3 – 4 1/2 inches. The average girth is about also 5 inches which I know sounds like a lot but remember the measurement is taken around the whole penis.

Having discussed the average sizes, most men usually do not fill any better about their penis size. A man may be half an inch bigger or smaller in width and girth than the official average size, but that alone cannot change the feeling of just wanting more and feeling as if you just do not have enough. It is human nature and as humans, we always want more. Whether it is more money, more holidays, bigger breasts, more children or more rooms in our house, it’s only normal to want more. For example you may be 6 inches, which is one inch over average and great, but you want more. You know there are men out there with 7, 8 or even 9 inch penises, so why can’t you have that. So let’s stop talking about official averages and start talking about enlargement.

Natural penis enlargement can be used in a form of exercise that makes your penis size gain extra length and girth permanently. You will not need the use of pills, pumps, creams/lotions, or surgery. In fact you will never need any addition equipment, just the use of your hands. These exercises target your penis chambers (corpora cavernosa) which are what determines the size and width of your penis. By using these penis exercises you stimulate the corpora cavernosa to produce new cells which encourages more blood flow. By exercising the chambers in this way increases the size and strength of the chambers which results in you having a bigger penis.

By doing these exercises you will also receive additional benefits, not just growth in penis size. You also gain additional stamina, prevention of pre-ejaculation and the power to last longer in bed so you can decide when you want to finish. The exercises also target your PC muscle which is responsible for urination and ejaculation, so by improving the strength of this muscle you are able to hold on for longer in the bedroom.

Lets try one of the exercises now. It is called the ‘Jelq’ and was designed to increase the length and width of your penis when it’s erect and flaccid.

  1. Get your penis 40 -50% erect
  1. Now get you hand and make a circle with your thumb and forefinger (use whatever hand is most comfortable). Your other fingers (middle, ring and little) should be stretched out. Your hand should look like an ‘OK’ sign.
  1. Firmly grip (firm with no pain) the base of your penis using your ‘OK’ sign and slowly move the grip towards the head of the penis. Do not slide over the head. Try to keep your hand and fingers on the same areas when you perform the exercise. The motion is a bit like milking a cow. The blood in your penis is being forced gently into the head of the penis.
  1. Once your fingers are close to the head of the penis, release your grip. You have now performed 1 Jelq.
  1. 20-30 Jelqs per session is good to start off with then progress onto 50 per session after a few weeks.

Results can be seen after 2 weeks. As long as you remain consistent you are sure to see results. You may notice after a few weeks your penis hanging lower and feeling heavier.

The Jelq is just one of many techniques designed to help you become over average in the trouser department and so you can now forget about being average and start being the man you want.