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Simple Tips To Prevent Premature Orgasms

Premature orgasms affect 40% of all men. That’s over a billion sexually active men who will experience premature orgasms at least once in their lives. For a lot of these men, this is a constant problem which happens nearly every time which they engage in sexual intercourse. Part of the problem is the fact that our bodies are designed to treat sex as a means for reproduction, so naturally it works to make this process as efficient and quick as possible. This is why you have to step in and take control of the situation, so here are 5 tips designed to give you control over your premature orgasms.

First, make sure to never go into sex with a full bladder. This puts excess pressure on the prostate and ejaculatory muscles, thus leading to premature orgasms and making you more sensitive to stimulation. This is why you may wake up in the mornings sometimes and find that you have an erection before you’ve had a chance to empty your full bladder. By the same token, you can masturbate before sex because once you relax your ejaculatory muscles through one orgasm, you can last much longer through the second time.

Next, oftentimes premature orgasms are brought on by an abundance of hormones. It’s a common misconception that exclusively younger men/teens are affected by premature orgasms because of hormone related issues. It’s true that the hormones are raging when you are younger and that abundance can cause early ejaculation, but there are plenty of ways to have an imbalance in hormones when you are younger and have finished puberty, as well.

For example, processed meats oftentimes contain an abundance of hormones because they are injected with them. This can cause an imbalance within your system, causing premature orgasms. Even subtle changes in your diet can go a very long way in enabling you to last a lot longer, so consider a diet rich in eggs, milk, cheeses, or even supplements to make up that loss of protein which you experience when you cut a couple of meat based meals from your diet.

Third, the penis can get shocked from the environment change in going into your partner’s vagina and immediately compounding that with the stimulating motions associated with sex can send you over the edge early. Because of this, enter your partner and allow your penis to adapt before beginning any serious motion for a moment and you’ll find you can last much longer.

Fourth, think about varying the sexual positions which you use with your partner. There are literally hundreds and thousands of sexual positions but most couples stick to the few most common and basic ones. Experimenting with different sexual positions affords you the opportunity to find a position which you can last longer in doing but your partner may enjoy just as much if not more so. This is a great way to get your sexual relationship back on track, as well, as it brings some spark and experimentation into the bedroom while encouraging communication between both partners.

Lastly, there are specific retraining exercises which work to target your penis and erogenous zones in order to give you complete control over your orgasm. These exercises are very effective because many men develop problems with premature orgasms due to improper masturbation techniques which they have developed after years of performing them. These techniques rewire your body and how it perceives stimulation and this can manifest when you are with a partner, as well, thus causing your to experience premature orgasms.

Luckily even after a lifetime of performing these exercises, you can retrain your body in full within a few months to gain complete control over your orgasm and in the short term there are even exercises designed to give you more control as early as tonight.