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Secret Exercise Methods to Accelerate Your Penis Growth

When you start doing exercises to make your penis larger, you want to see consistent gains over a long period of time. When you are using a proper exercise program, the right exercise techniques and exercise consistently, then it is easy to make gains in the first few months or even a year. But at some point the gains start slowing down and can stop all together and if you want to keep making progress then you need to know how to break these plateaus.

Whenever you reach a plateau with penis enlargement, then the best thing to do is to stop your current exercise program. Because if you are not making any gains with it now, then you most likely are not going to make any gains tomorrow either. You can take some time of from penile exercising, the main thing is not to continue what you have been doing, because it gives you no results.

Plateaus are very common, when it comes to fat loss or muscle building. The body simply adapts to the exercises, if they are not intense enough to stimulate growth. It is the natural law of biology. Think of it as if your penis tries to protect itself from penile exercises by trying to become more resistant to it. As time goes on it takes more effort to overcome that resistance. At some point you can not over come that and your gains stop. If your goal was to gain 3 inches and you managed to gain 2 inches, before you hit a plateau, then it is a problem.

One of the best ways to get over this plateau, is to take a break and stop exercising. When you are doing no exercises for your penis, then the resistance gets weaker, so it becomes easier to make gains again. The best gains usually happen in the beginning, when the penis is not conditioned for these exercises. If you take a break, the same thing happens as well. The optimum time for the break is maybe 2 months, if you have been exercising for a long time.

During the break you might lose some gains, but most of the gains you have made, should be permanent. Even if you do lose some gains, then it is much easier to get them back, the second time around. Maybe during the 2 months lay off you lose an 0.5 inch, but in the next 2 months you can gain 1 inch and overall gain a half an inch.

Another option to overcome the plateau and make consistent gains, is to use effective and large number of exercises to make your penis larger. If you are only following a very simple exercise routine, then you can reach a plateau very quickly. But if you follow a penile exercise program with a large amount of exercises and routines, then you will not reach the plateau very quickly. There are some really great programs online, which are really helpful.

If you are using exercises to make your penis larger, then you most of all need patience. If you put a lot of effort and hard work in, then eventually the results will come as well. Gaining 3 inches is certainly harder and takes more work than gaining 1 inch. When you stop making progress, it is necessary to do some changes. You can either take a break or greatly change your routine.

Hopefully this article was a bit helpful for you and can get you closer to your goal. If you are still thinking of starting penile exercises to make your penis larger, then stop thinking and take action. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to reach your goal.