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Rotating Stretch

The rotating stretch will increase the length your penis. This is accomplished through stretching of muscle tissue, allowing an increased amount of blood flow into the muscle. This exercise should only be done by someone with at least 3 months of penis exercise experience, or else injuries may occur. Your erection level should be between 0 to 50 percent.

  1. With one hand securely grab the head of your penis and pull straight up stretching your penis.
  1. With the same hand make a full circle rotation, stretching the penis in a counter clockwise rotation (move to the right, down, left and straight up again.). The full rotation (360 degrees) should take 15 seconds.

A full rotation counts as 1 rep, the recommended number of reps are 10. The reps are continuous there is no stopping, for example 10 reps would be 10 continues circles.