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Penis Warmup

Penis warm ups are the most important part of your workout. They don’t just reduces injury but also aide in the enlargement process. To start use a washcloth, heating pad, or rice sock, if more than one is available try switching between them each workout, see which one works best for yourself. The temperature should be somewhere between burning and lukewarm. In no way should this be painfull. Once the desired temperature is reached wrap it around the entire penis. Leave your penis wrapped for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the warm up is complete start your penis exercises immediately, do not waste any time.

Althrough the above works just fine, there is also another option that’s a bit more extreme. The use of Infrared light can be used for penis warmup exersices (250 watt strength). Be sure to cover your testicles with a type of fabric or your sperm can die. Most prefer to use a sock since it wraps around your testicles tightly preventing it from falling off during the workout. Be sure to setup the heat lamp 18 inches to 36 inches away from your penis. For the warmup portion leave the heat lamp on for 5 to 10 minutes.

Infrared heat lamp can be used through out the entire workout. This will help increase additional blood flow and make sex muscle growth easier. Just make sure you are within 18 – 36 inches at all times.