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Penis Stretching Basic

Stretching is one of the most valuable parts of any workout. Unforchantly most people view stretching as just a precaution to avoiding injury. In the world of penis enlargement stretching is the grand daddy of all penile exercises. It is also a vital part of any routine. For the first 6 months, only do penis stretches when flaccid (not erect). Stretching while erect can be done after 6 months and will intensify the workout.

When performing penis stretches there should never be any pain. Be sure to remember, if you feel pain you’re stretching to hard. For your first few times error on the side of caution and stretch lightly. You can stretch a little hard each time until you find the sweet spot. When stretching feel free to stand up or sit down. In fact, try both and see which works best for you.

Step 1: With one hand grip your penis 1 inch behind the head. Gently pull downward stretching the penis. Hold the stretch for roughly 30 seconds.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 in all direction (Right, Left, Up, Straight Out).

This counts as 1 rep.

After performing stretches your penis should have a feeling of fatigue, or a slight tingling sensation. If you do not feel anything, it’s OK some only have a feeling when performing the stretch. You can try stretching harder next time just don’t over due it. Remember you should never feel any pain.