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Oriental Massage

Step 1: Relax, Take a deep breath, and mentally focus all your energy into your penis. Use three fingers (index, middle, and ring) with one of your hand, push on your taint (area between penis and anus). Throughout this exercise keep the pressure consistent.

Step 2: Mildly stretch your penis forward by gripping behind the hand and pulling forward. Continue to pull forward 9 times and then change the direction your pulling to left, right and then down. At no time should there ever be any pain remember these are mild stretches.

Step 3: Now get your penis about 70% erect, by the end of this step it should be fully erect. Form and OK grip with your hand and place it at the base of your penis and milk the glans 9 times.

Step 4: Grip your penis behind the head and pull it to the left side. Start making a complete circle in a cranking motion. Make 9 complete circles and then 9 circles again in the opposite direction.

Step 5: Grip your penis behind the head again and stretch it straight out. Move the stretch down to your left thigh so that the head is softly touching the inside of your left thigh. Do this a total of nine times and then repeat for the right side.

Be sure after completing this exercise that you keep your penile muscles relaxed. Soaking in a hot tub or giving it a light message will help promote growth after this exercise.