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One Handed Jelq

The one handed jelq is a modified version of jelqing which, as you might have guessed, uses only one hand. It’s best to use a penis enlargement cream when doing this exercise. The grip is wrapped entirely around the penis to prevent any blood from escaping. It should not be painful at any time be sure not to grip to hard. Your erection level should be between 60-80% erect, be sure not to be fully erect.

Step 1: With your right hand make an OK grip and place it at the base of your penis.

Step 2: With the same hand slowly move up the base towards the head, it should take 2-3 seconds to reach the head.

Step 3: Release your right hand and simultaneously position your left hand at the base of your penis with an OK grip.

The suggested number of reps for this exercise is 100. This sounds like a lot but should only take 5 minutes.