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Natural Penis Enlargment Tips With Exercises

Natural penis enlarging exercises really do work and are slowly becoming more popular as well, because unlike other penis enlargement methods, it is a legitimate method, which has been proven to work by clinical studies. Even though it takes time to get really impressive results, then there are a lot little things you can do to make progress faster. The more you learn, the quicker you can make gains, right? I have some really excellent natural penis enlarging exercises tips, which should be really helpful.

Natural penis enlarging exercises tips – Correct erection level

When you are doing jelqing exercises, then your erection level is really important. When your penis is too erect, then it could be too dangerous and cause some problems. And when your erection is too weak, then it has no effect and you will not make gains. Knowing the right level of erection to perform jelqing exercises is really important. I have some different example of erection levels.

0% erection level

This is the smallest and least erect state of your penis. some guys might have a 0% erection level most of the time, while others have it less often.

25% erection level

In that state the penis is still in a flaccid state, but has more blood than usual and it might feel more flexible, then the 0% erection level. A large part of the stretching exercises are done with that level of erection.

50% erection level

With a 50% level of erection the penis is still in a flaccid state, but is filled with much more blood,than previous two levels. It is almost the size of an erect penis, but without any real firmness and hardness. So it is still soft and flexible. Some squeezing exercises for the penis are done with that level.

75% erection level

The penis is in a semi-erect state and is nearly full of blood. but it can still be jelqed. squeezed, bent and moved, although with slight resistance already. Such a state is very effective for various girth exercises.

100% erection level

In that state the penis is full of blood, it is firm and strong, so it can easily penetrate the vagina. The resistance is also much greater and it is not easy to move, jelq or squeeze the penis. So it is important to not perform any exercises during that state in the first couple of months.

The higher your level of erection is, the less flexible your penis is and the more intense the exercises are. Jelqing exercises for example are usually performed with 40-75% level. It is better for a beginner to stay between this level and not go above 75% right away. You can also try different variations and see what works best for you, because everyone is slightly different and the workouts also need to be some what personal.

Natural penis enlarging exercises tips – Take your time

Natural penis enlarging exercises are a marathon, not a sprint and it takes a while to get results. Trying to speed things up often lead to over training and softer erections. In the beginning the most important thing is to learn the correct techniques and generally becoming more familiar with these exercises. Sometimes it might take while to find the right and comfortable way to grab the penis.

If you do not know how to do these exercises correctly then get help by watching videos or following instructions. If you do everything correctly, then you will have no negative side effects or problems, but if your techniques are poor or if you rush too much, then you can have some problems. Take your time, especially in the beginning.