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Jai Stretch

Like most stretches, the basic principle is to hold for 2 seconds, release the stretch for 2 seconds and repeat. Being 0 to 40 percent erect is ideal for this stretch anything over 40 percent will not be as effective. It’s best to do these is reps of 10 – 20 (20 is ideal).

Step by step instructions:

  1. Start breathing in, simultaneously Make an OK-grip behind the head and gently stretch your penis.
  1. Continue inhaling and hold the stretch for two seconds.
  1. Continue to keep your grip but release the stretch and exhale for two seconds.

The JAI Stretch has many advantages one of the great being it’s easy to do, which as first may not sound all that impressive. However, it makes them an ideal exercise you can do throughout the day when you have a minute or two of privacy. For example, doing 5 – 20 every time you use the restroom.

Many experts in penis enlargement will credit this stretch for providing substantial gains. Breathing will help you feel the 2 seconds rythm. When you first start it’s recommended to watch a timer and make sure the 2 seconds are accurate. Be sure to pull gently, perform a light and quick stretch (2 seconds). Feeling the stretch should not be painful, if it is this means you are pulling too hard and the stretch will not be as effective.