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Increase Your Penis Thickness – What It Takes To Get Thicker Girth

How important is it for you to increase your penis thickness? If you ask most women, the answer would most likely be very important. In fact, between getting a longer male organ and increasing the girth of your manhood, the latter is a more critical need if you were to have an edge in giving your woman (or women) a rocking great time in bed!

You see, to most women, the length of the male organ do not serve them any kind of sexual pleasure apart from appearing sexually attractive. But a penis that is too long in length may also cause unnecessary pain to the woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse.

Your penis thickness, on the other hand, can be a great asset to your ability in giving sexual pleasure to your partner. It is the thickness of your manhood which determines the level of sexual stimulation you give to her vagina walls during intercourse!

The Different Ways To Increase Your Penis Thickness

When it comes to getting a thicker penis, there are several options available to you. Having a surgery done to your male organ may cause you to end up longer down there, but not necessarily give your penis a more solid physique.

That, plus the fact that surgeries are known to be highly risky and may end you up with one of many unfortunate side effects to your penis physique or sexual health!

There are also several kinds of tools that may help you achieve a bigger girth on your manhood. One of them is the penis enlargement pump; a classic and once popular tool amongst men who desire a quick increase in their penis size.

How these penis enlargement pumps work is pretty simple. The pumps make use of a suction force on your male organ to “suck” more blood into your penis’s blood chambers to make it “swell” in size. There is then a retainer ring which you wear on the base of your manhood to hold the blood in the chambers and retain the enlarged size.

Penis pumps are great especially if you require a fast way of appearing bigger in your pants and to impress your girl in bed. But there is a reason why this “old school” device is fast losing its appeal amongst men who are looking for ways to get a bigger penis.

The suction force created by these pumps onto your male organ can physically damage the internals of your penis. Such pumps have been known to cause the blood vessels in ones male organ to burst, causing severe impairment to his manhood and his sex life in general.

This is really an unnecessary risk one should not take just to get his penis to size up; especially so when the gain in size is never permanent!

A Safer Way To Increase Your Penis Thickness

There is a far safer method of increasing your penis’s thickness and its overall size as well. And you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on tools like the penis enlargement pump only to end up in a worse state than you began with.

All you need to achieve a bigger penis size are your own pair of hands, a few minutes of private time each day, and a little bit of determination.


By using your own two hands to perform some simple stretching exercises to your male organ!

Yes, it is THAT simple. And it is proven to be effective too!

Now, you must be wondering how can such a simple act of stretching your penis with your hands help to improve the size of your manhood. Well, there is a scientific reasoning behind why penis exercising works.

You see, inside your male organ lie two blood chambers called the Corpora Cavernosa which fills up with blood, expands the tissues surrounding them, and give your penis its physical size.

By physically stretching and stroking your penis through specific routines, you actually cause the cells that make up these blood chambers to breakdown and then individually enlarge in size.

When these cells enlarge, the Corpora Cavernosa adopts a bigger capacity to absorb more blood within them. This results in the tissues around them expanding further and causing your penis to become bigger – and more importantly, thicker!

Another reason why you ought to choose doing exercises to making use of special and expensive tools such as the penis enlargement pumps is the fact that exercising brings about permanent results.

You do not have to end up doing the exercises daily for the rest of your life. Once you have gained the amount of size you wish, your penis will stay that big for good!