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Growing Your Sex Muscle

The goal of working out is to grow muscles and build a better body, no matter what part of the male anatomy you are working on. Improving appearance, strength and stamina are all obvious objectives that will help you feel better about yourself, be more effective at work and play, and achieve a higher level of overall health and fitness. But what about the muscles that you won’t find in any fitness club trainer’s manual? The muscles that there are no machines at the health club to work on, but the ones that the hot babes at the club in their sexy spandex outfits are thinking about as they eye the men working out? Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the muscles of your penis. As you get better informed about things, you’ll see that means focusing on the muscle that forms the connective tissue in the shaft, or the Tunica Albuginea. This is the area that penis enlargement exercises focus on, because this is the tissue that seems to be most conducive to being stretched and strengthened in the way that the biceps and more traditional muscle groups are strengthened.

There are still a few key differences that one should be aware of, and these relate to the kinds of impact that exercise has on the muscle as well as the need for resting the muscle group between workouts. Biceps workouts are focused on working with resistance training, meaning that through contractions and tension the muscle groups are forced to develop a higher level of strength. This is almost like a process of creating damage to existing muscles to force them to get tougher and stringer. That’s why we have the saying, “no pain, no gain.” That’s why a fitness trainer tells you to work different muscle groups each day, as you can ultimately injure rather than toughen muscle groups you overwork.

As urologists and sex researchers have increased their understanding of the entire process that produces penis size and satisfactory erections, we now know more about what will truly be effective. That’s why most penis enlargement exercises are based on lengthening through expansion of the Tunica muscle, and are similar to strengthening the biceps by expanding the fascia by as opposed to actually causing intense aggravation. Exercises used to enlarge the penis focus on enlarging and stretching the tunica and the connecting tissue so it can expand beyond its present boundaries.

But in addition to the obvious goal of increasing size, which will vary from man to man, there are other important reasons to exercise the penis muscles, just as exercising the biceps is not only about being better looking and being stronger, but also about being healthier and more fit.

As you exercise the various muscles and ligaments in your penis, you provide the gateway for increased blood flow and pelvic strength. While you may initially only have the goal of bulking up your penis, you’ll find that your long-term risks of erectile dysfunction are greatly reduced if not eliminated. You are not simply going to get the benefit of a larger penis, but will increase stamina and the future potential of your sex life to remain vigorous for years and years to come.

In fact, men over 50 and 60 who have done everything to ensure they are the fittest they can be in every single part of their body report much healthier and happier and more fulfilling sex lives than younger men who take no such steps to maximize their potential.

While there are certainly some differences between working on your biceps and your penis muscle, the key to success lies in understanding the similarities underlying the surface variations. What matters is that you work out and understand the benefits to your short-term and long-term goals. Then, no matter your age or present level of fitness in any part of your body, you can look forward to improvement that you’ll notice in the near future and a lifetime of satisfaction in the years ahead!