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Exersices For Beginers

The grand daddy of all penis enlargement exercises is the jelq. This exercise has been proven to be effective, which is why so many other penis enlargement exercises are based off the jelq. By mastering the jelq technique you are going to be able to pickup other exercises very quickly. Next to the basic stretch, the jelq is the second most basic penis enlargement exercise. Jelqing — also known as “milking,” for its milking-type motion — is simple, but it may take a while to completely master.


The jelq exercise requires you to take an OK-grip (shown above) and milk the grip towards the head of your penis. DOES JELQING WORK FOR PENIS ENLARGEMENT? A question we often get asked is, “Does the jelq work? I mean does it really enlarge the penis?” The answer, of course, is yes. No one is sure where the jelq came from, or how the jelq came to be such a sought-after exercise. Rumor has it that jelqing is an ancient Arabic penis enlargement exercise, although there isn’t any solid evidence for this. Jelqing techniques vary, but they all involve milking the penis.


By moving the jelq grip up the shaft, your blood–and the nutrients within it–is forced throughout your semi-erect penis. In turn, this enlarges your penis girth and length. Jelqing works so well because the jelq motion builds pressure on the penis and its smooth muscle, blood vessels, and other tissues. Over time, the stress of the jelqing pressure causes the penis to expand, enlarge, and harden–similar to how putting stress on your muscles causes them to become stronger and harder. Due to its effectiveness, the jelq is an essential penis enlargement exercise. No matter how advanced you are at penile exercise, you should always jelq.


When practicing jeql techniques, you will need lubrication. The best penis lubricants for jelqing are water-based and oil-based. Do not use any type of lotion or soap, as they often cause severe irritation and itching of the penis. Men have reported good results with water-based lubricants such as KY Jelly, Astroglide and Enlargel (the last one being a lubricant designed specifically for jelqing). Men have also reported good results with oil-based lubricants such as baby oil and Essential Vein Oil. If you use baby oil, use the baby oil with added vitamin E and aloe. Vitamin E is very good for the skin and keeps your penis looking healthy.


Jelquing is performed in a semi-erect state. When you jelq, you’ll need to take into consideration your erection level — how engorged your penis is. You don’t want to jelq too erect, or you might cause an injury. On the other hand, you don’t want to jelq without any engorgement, or the jelq won’t be effective. Erection levels are commonly gauged by percentage. A full-blown, I-am-naked-with-Jenna-Jameson erection would be considered a 100 percent erection level; an absolutely flaccid penis would be considered a 0 percent erection level. You should avoid jelqing at high erection levels for the first few months, at the very least. Generally speaking, you want to jelq with an erection level around 75 percent. Many men find that jelqing at lower erection levels help acquire length. Equally, several men find jelqing at higher erection levels help acquire girth. To maximize your penis enlargement growth, jelq with an erection level of at least 50 percent.


“I get too erect when I jelq!” Beginners often find themselves getting a full-blown erection while jelquing. If this happens to you, then stop jelqing until your erection goes away, then restart. With enough practice, you will be able to rise above this common beginner jelqing problem.


Every once and a while, a man’s penis gradually starts to shape like a baseball bat – in which the head becomes the biggest part of his penis. This unwanted side effect can occur from jelqing improperly. Because the “baseball bat effect” doesn’t happen overnight, you shouldn’t worry about it occurring. Can it happen? Absolutely. Is it rare? You bet. That said, you’ll want to know how to avoid it. The best thing you can do is jelq properly. Make sure you thoroughly read the jelqing instructions before jumping into a full jelq routine. Also, when you jelq, make sure you are jelqing your entire penis – not just the upper part of the shaft. Start at the very base of your pubic bone and stop directly before the head. Remember, once your learn the jelq technique, be sure to do the exercise right.


Eventually, another thing you can do is jelq without a lubricant (this is known as “dry jelqing” and is essentially less arousing than “wet jelqing”). One reason we recommend wet jelqing first is that dry jelqing is harder on the skin than wet jelqing. This can cause a variety of side effects. Dry jelqing also has a greater chance of causing the “donut effect” – a large swelling around the circumference of the penis near the glans. (The swelling looks similar to a donut surrounding the penis. This has not been known to cause any harm, and typically subsides within a few hours.)


The most important reason to start out jeqling with a lubricant is that it makes it easier to learn the jelq. Think of lubrication to jelqing as training wheels to a riding bicycle. The lubrication will help you learn how to jelq. That said, once you are completely comfortable with the wet jelq, you can take off the training wheels and try the dry jelq. Both methods are effective. After a while you will build a preference of what you like more. The good thing about dry jelqing is that it doesn’t require cleaning up the lubrications afterwards, as wet jelqing does. Accordingly, dry jelqing is very useful if you are exercising your penis in secret. But for your first few weeks, we suggest sticking with the lubrication when you jelq. If you find that jelqing with a lubricant takes too much time to clean up, you may want to try a jelq simulator such as the original Jelq Device. Jelq simulators also have the added benefits of increasing the jelq intensity, keeping your jelqs consistent, and giving your hands a break.