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Exercise For Better Sex Life

When it comes to improving the size and function of your penis, you may well be familiar with a number of exercises. You may even be diligently practicing these exercises, and making sure that you take the time every day to stick with the program to achieve the best results. But many men fail to realize that  it is not only exercises that work directly on their penile muscles that matter. The type of exercise that is also required to improve the functioning of your penis and stamina of your erections is the very same kind of exercise needed to keep your body in good health. In other words, by doing cardiovascular and aerobic workouts, you get a benefit that most gyms and typical fitness plans will not discuss; improved penile functioning, strength and stamina!

Regular exercise will help improve and maintain the quality of your sex life, even as it benefits your heart and keeps your whole body in the kind of shape that will be most attractive to women. It's a widely studied and well researched fact that exercising will reduce the chances of having trouble with impotence. Men over 50 who keep physically active have a 30 percent lower chance of falling prey to impotence than men who are inactive.

Can regular exercise have any effect on and firm and lasting erections? The scientific answer is a resounding, "Yes!" Studies have shown that when men were asked about the quality of their erections, the men who exercised more said that they experienced better quality of erections than men who exercised less. Even some degree of exercise was clearly beneficial to erectile functioning.

The facts are clear. Regular exercise of the kind that will keep your body in shape and your heart strong is also going to have immeasurable benefits when it comes to your penis. Let's explore exactly why this is the case, and examine the evidence to inspire and encourage you to make the lifestyle changes you need to get the most of your sexual activity.

Circulation is obviously a key to achieving and maintaining storing erections that have staying power to satisfy and please a woman. Exercise, whether a gym workout or a walk, has proven benefits to the circulatory system, and these benefits include the circulation that affects penile functioning.  Having a body that isn't laden down by artery clogging fat is another benefit of exercise, and another way that fitness can lead to peak sexual performance. When our systems are slowed down by obesity, blood takes longer to reach the penis and erections are limited and more difficult to attain and sustain. Studies show that the decreased blood flow caused by being overweight will inhibit erections, and eventually causes plaque to build up that will block blood vessels essential to the natural processes of the penis.

If you want a strong and healthy sex muscle, you can't forget that your penis is an extension of the overall health, well being and strength of your entire body. Get your body healthy, and keep it strong and in shape, and you'll provide the basic groundwork for all the rest of the amazing enhancements that are possible for penile enrichment. But if you don't exercise your whole body, you'll make every effort you expend on enlarging your penis that much less effective.

This information should provide strong impetus for every man to get out there and take good care of himself. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder, and in fact going overboard and becoming obsessed with fitness may undo the benefits by decreasing testosterone levels. That is obviously not what you want!

The good news for men is that working out and keeping fit is not only going to be beneficial in terms of overall health and well being, attractiveness to potential sexual partners, but exercise will also increase and enhance your sexuality and the quality and duration of your erections. Now that's a reason to get to the gym!