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Erect Stretch

The Erect Stretch is meant turn flaccid stretch length gains into erection length gains. It takes advantage of your muscle tissues when erect by allowing additional blood flow. Be careful this exercise is highly intense and should only be used if your penis is conditioned for them. Someone doing this exercise should have at least 6 months of sex muscle exercise experience.

For the Erect Stretch your erection level should be just under fully hard, at 95 percent erect.

Step 1: Grip your penis an inch behind the head and stretch outward for fifteen to twenty seconds. Be sure to ease into the stretch.

Step 2: Repeat in all directions going clockwise (up, left, down, and right).

This counts as 1 rep, repeat steps 1 and 2 for desired amount of reps. The recommended number of reps for this exercise is 5.