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Dry Jelq

Dry jelqing is a more intense form of jelq that has a greater effect on increasing girth size. This method is more rugged on the penis, so switching to this method from standard jelqing should be done with caution.

Dry jelqing uses the skin covering the shaft to allow movement. To start this exercise, pull the skin of your penis forward. Your erection level should be between 20 and 30 percent.

With one hand, make an OK grip and place it at the base of your penis, go as far down as possible. The more your able to expose the better the results will be. With the OK grip rotate your wrist, so the thumb and index finger are against your pelvic bone. In this position, it’s possible to dig in and get more of the penis pulled out. Start jelquing as far as you can, if you are circumcised you will probably only be able to jelq about 1 inch. Do not release the jelq grip, hold it and slide back. Do 15-25 reps of these. Release your grip and re grip at where you where able to jelq up to (if you where only able to reach 1 inch move up the shaft 1 inch). Continue and repeat until you have reached the head. If you need to pull the skin forward again, continue to jelq over the head as far as the skin will allow.

To intensify the dry jelq exercise when on the last rep, pull up and stretch the penis. This short stretch will help increase gains by placing additional stress on the muscle.