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How to Delay Ejaculation and Last Longer In Bed

As someone who’s been through premature ejaculation myself and recovered to regain full control by using a combination of both mental and physical techniques, I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

Boost your libido with herbs to increase sex drive

If you have already been taking libido supplements for a week or two, then skip through to the next step. For others: know that premature ejaculation is related to a low libido.

Supplements to boost your sex drive and testosterone are necessary for recovery.

Once you’ve started taking them, then you’ll need to work on your delay ejaculation technique.

The “delay ejaculation technique”

A sure way to prevent premature ejaculation and optimize ejaculation control is this technique. If you come too quickly and frequently find yourself in embarrassing sexual situations, then this will help you 99% of the time if used together with sex drive herbal remedies.

Relax on your own

First of all, you need to be relaxed and on your own. No one can be around and any telephone should be switched to silent.

You need to be getting yourself into a mood where you can be sexually aroused and you can masturbate.

Once you’re mentally relaxed and you have some sexual images in your mind that are becoming clearer, then you may begin!

Slowly is the way

You need to visualize yourself as powerful, with full ejaculation control and hard erections in your fantasy.

You need to go very slowly and take your time. There’s no rush and no one can disturb you.

Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply and slowly. Concentrate on your breathing every time you feel like you’ll come. This will help to delay ejaculation.

Every time you feel like coming, concentrate hard on your breathing and meditate on the small of your back, where your tail bone is.

Deep breathing and focusing on your tail bone is very effective.

Concentrating on another part of your body will move the focus from your penile area to nearby and help to you resist ejaculating.

Relax your chest area

When you feel like coming, bring your attention to your chest too, right between your lungs. You may notice a slight excitement or tension around that area.

Take a breath and feel it relax. You’ll feel the desire to ejaculate subside as you do this.

Do you see now how nervousness can cause premature ejaculation?

Increase your testosterone naturally

Delaying ejaculation through masturbation (across the nation) eventually increases your testosterone levels. You’ll be in control of your nerves and be able to relax and focus through breathing when lovemaking.

You’ll find your mojo returning and your sex drive feeling more lively again.

You’ll have more energy and motivation about you.

Doing this for a 3-4 weeks should help you regain your sexual confidence.

For some people, it may just take a few days.

How often do I need to practice ejaculation control?

Doing it too often may overwork your sexual functions or deplete testosterone depending on your age. I find that doing this every 2 days is the optimal level although you might feel like doing it every day.

Try to resist masturbating too often, it can undo all the hard work you’ve done.

How to get ejaculation control results fast

If you’re in a hurry to be able to delay ejaculation perfectly well then I can understand that. After all, no one wants to be a bad performer for long.

In order to get optimal results in less time, you need to combine this technique with taking libido boosting supplements.

You also need to master a visualization technique to consolidate confidence and get yourself thinking in the right way for solid sexual performance.

Delay ejaculation techniques can work wonders for your male sexual health and help your last longer in bed.