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The Compressor exercise involves bending and applying pressure (compressing). Instead of one large bend make many smaller bends along the shaft. Making multiple small bends allows for better girth expansion.

Before starting this exercise get your erection level to be just bellow fully erect, between 90-95 percent erect.

Step 1 : With your first hand make a tight overhand OK grip at the base of your penis.

Step 2 : With your second hand make a tight overhand OK grip at the head of your penis. Do not apply direct pressure on the glans just make it snug/tight.

Step 3 : Slowly move both hands towards each other, this should cause a compression.

Step 4 : While compressed take your second hand and slowly move the penis back and forth, causing small bends along the shaft.

It’s good to start with 3 reps and work your way up to 5 reps. Though routines will vary, most workouts that use the compressor exercise have 5 reps.