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Bundle Stretch

This stretch is ideal for someone looking to transition from beginner to intermediate exercises. Before doing this exercise you should have at lease 2 months experience performing other penile workouts. This exercise targets the tunica and cause tissue expansions resulting in both length and girth gains. The end result is simply that the tunica is allowed to hold more blood, this causes a raw tissue mass gains in all directions.

Performing the bundled stretch is very similar to wringing out a wash-cloth, where the wash-cloth is your penis. With one hand twist your penis the amount of desired rotations ( for starters do a half rotation ) in one direction, then stretch by pulling, hold the stretch for the desired amount of time usually 30 seconds and then repeat the bundle stretch in the other directions. This places stress on both the tunica and suspensory ligament of your sex muscle.

Step 1 – Kegel just enough so that your penis gets semi erect ( about 50% erect ), with one hand grab the head of your penis.

Step 2 – With the same hand, turn your penis to the desired rotation. You should be twisting your penis the same way you would a corkscrew. Be careful not to bend or push, ideally you want to maintain your grip and rotate.

Step 3 – Secure a grip just under your glans and gently stretch your penis, you should feel some resistance this is where the growth will happen.

Step 4 (Optional) – With your other hand make an upside-down “V” and place it at the base of your penis pulling towards your body. Both hands should be pulling in opposite directions to deepen the stretch.

Be careful not to rotate to much, if you are new to bundle stretches it’s recommended to start with a half rotation. Over time you can build up strength in your penile muscle to achieve more rotations.