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6 Methods Which Claim to Increase Penis Size

If you are interested and want to increase penis size, pay attention. This article will take a look at 6 different methods which all claim to increase penis size. Penis stretching devices/weights are specially to put light pressure on your penis with the idea being of stretching it out over time. This method has been around for many centuries and in some cases it’s been proven to actually increase penis size through increasing the elasticity of the penis. At the same time it’s dangerous because it can cause nerve damage or impotence, not to mention erectile dysfunction by putting. It’s never safe to put any kind of weight on the penis, so it’s not done as much as it used to be though some specialist still teach men how to perform and use penis stretchers to increase their size.

Penis surgery is another method but one which only affects the length of the penis because it works because the surgeon goes into the body and brings more of the penis from inside the body outwards. This works because about half of the penis is actually concealed inside the body, so this is an effective way to work with what you’ve already got so to speak. On average the procedure costs approximately $5000, so it’s not for everyone, and a shocking 70% of all men who go in for this procedure when polled later say that they are disappointed with the results. This is yet another method which can also inadvertently cause erectile dysfunction.

I haven’t mentioned penis pills yet which are both the most popular and ironically the least effective way to increase penis size. The only thing you’re paying for is a placebo and millions of desperate men over the past 10 years or so have shelled out billions of dollars for these sugar pills and it was only recently that the FTC became involved and shut down most of these US-based companies down for making billions while not backing up their claims with results. Most of these companies don’t share their ingredients and none of them have been approved or even evaluated by the FDA (they get around this by calling themselves “supplements” with no therapeutic claims, they simply enhance as if they are vitamins).

Vacuum pumps are another method which many men think of as using in the short term to increase penis size. It works by creating a vacuum (duh) around the penis, forcing blood to it for an instant hard erection. The problem with this is that it offers no permanent gains and can cause ruptures in the tissues and veins of the penis, so it’s another unsafe method.

There is also the option of inflatable balloon pumps. This is another surgical method which works by replacing the corpora cavernosa (the chambers primarily responsible for engorging with blood during erection) with inflatable balloons which you pump yourself to fill up. This is a very unnatural method and requires serious surgery and is primarily for men with severe erectile dysfunction problems, so it’s not for everyone.

Finally there are penis enlargement exercises which you perform on your own and which increase penis size by increasing the amount of blood which the tissues and chambers of your penis can hold at one time. These exercises encourage cell growth within the penis so that it is able to fill to greater capacities and hold more blood but with permanent gains. Ultimately these exercises make it so that you can achieve larger, thicker, and harder erections with better blood flow to the penis because they are backed by scientific fact.

If done correctly, natural penis enlargement exercise can be a lasting and effective way to increase penis size for permanent gains.