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Kegel Start/Stop

By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
The Kegel Start/Stop exercise is a modified version of Kegels. Kegel exercise workout your Pelvic Floor muscles. By stopping the flow of urine, you have used your Pelvic Floor muscles. Thus, the exercise is stopping and starting the flow of urine when going to the restroom.... Read Full Article
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By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
Kegel Exercises are brilliant they can be done anytime, anywhere without anyone even noticing. These exercises target the pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles, also called your sex muscle. These muscles are responsible for the hardness of your penis when erect and the flow of urine and semen making it also responsible for the shooting power of ejaculation. Exercising your PC muscles will ensure they remain strong and last well into retirement. ... Read Full Article
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Towel Raise

By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
The towel raise exercise helps increase the strength of penile muscles, which results in having more control over your penis. The first few times may seem a little awkward but stick with it. During this exercise, being fully erect is required. If your erection starts to subside, put a finger or two underneath the penis to assist with a few more reps.... Read Full Article
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By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
Edging is considered to be one of the most fun exercises for penis enlargement. It also happens to be one of the most effective in building stamina, improving hardness, and increasing penis length and girth. Everyone should work edging into their workout routines if possible.... Read Full Article
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By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
Workingout your PC muscles can pay off big time with control of ejaculation, lasting longer in bed, and making your penis harder. Making it possible to have better sex and increase pleasure for your partner. The best way to find your PC muscle is when going to the restroom stop your flow of urine. The muscles you feel contracting is your PC muscle. All Kegel exercises mentioned here do not use the aid of your hands. Kegel exercises are simply the squeezing of your PC muscles. When doing these exercises be sure to use your PC muscles and relax your buttocks and abdominal muscles throughout the entire workout. ... Read Full Article
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Simple Tips To Prevent Premature Orgasms

By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
Premature orgasms affect 40% of all men. That's over a billion sexually active men who will experience premature orgasms at least once in their lives. For a lot of these men, this is a constant problem which happens nearly every time which they engage in sexual intercourse. Part of the problem is the fact that our bodies are designed to treat sex as a means for reproduction, so naturally it works to make this process as efficient and quick as possible. This is why you have to step in and take control of the situation, so here are 5 tips designed to give you control over your premature orgasms.... Read Full Article
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Understanding Erections - Mental States and Physical Reactions

By: Ronnie | Dec 12th, 2017
When we think about what it takes to get an erection, we think of having a hot sex partner or at least some hot sexy material to look at! We don’t generally think about muscles and blood vessels because, well, let's fact it, that’s just not very sexy! But every man who is concerned about improving and expanding the quality of erections and making his sexual life the very best it can be needs to have a basic understanding what happens when we get an erection, so let's take a look at what goes on behind the scenes when we get hard and ready for action!... Read Full Article
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Exercise For Better Sex Life

By: The Doctor | Dec 11th, 2017
When it comes to improving the size and function of your penis, you may well be familiar with a number of exercises. You may even be diligently practicing these exercises, and making sure that you take the time every day to stick with the program to achieve the best results. But many men fail to realize that  it is not only exercises that work directly on their penile muscles that matter. The type of exercise that is also required to improve the functioning of your penis and stamina of your erections is the very same kind of exercise needed to keep your body in good health. In other words, by doing cardiovascular and aerobic workouts, you get a benefit that most gyms and typical fitness plans will not discuss; improved penile functioning, strength and stamina!... Read Full Article
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